Balbhas Unique Offerings

Managed Services

This is a driver for Modern Service Desk for our customers. It elevates an existing Help Desk into a value-adding, cost-effective Service Desk. This model has a detailed methodology to nurture a service desk function into either a Shared Service Desk or an Integrated Service Desk. It provides a “One Process - One Tool” experience to all end-users/ customers. It revolves around Service Desk Automation, Level Process Simplification, Digital User Experience, smart self-service systems & centralized Knowledge Management. B1DeskTM comprises of a robust maturity assessment methodology and transformation cookbooks to progressively drive the Service Desk transformation to the desired end-state. As an integrated function, B1DeskTM creates a single gateway for the services for both IT users and business users, regardless of the nature/ origin of the issue. B1DeskTM is an appropriate measure to create a cost-effective, rapid response support system, leading to greater economies of scale and consistency of service support, globally.

Our Definition

Balbhas defines Managed Services as an engagement in which the services are fully owned by us end-to-end and we deliver Value to the customers IT and Business continuously. This means, our definition always aims to deliver an outcome that matters to both IT and Business.

Our Fulcrum

Balbhas’s Managed Services solution, is driven by B1NSureTM framework; it aims at transforming a customer’s IT service eco-system into a value driven support system, with clearly articulatable outcomes to IT Senior Management and Business.

Our Committed Benefits to customers

  • Higher Optimization of resources for customers
  • Assured Service Quality
  • End-to-end Service Management & Integration
  • Transparent service delivery
  • Effective management of risks
  • Greater reduction of TCO
  • Increased throughput of IT services
  • Enhanced ability to demonstrate the value of IT to the business
  • Improved time to market

Transformation to Managed Services is made easy

Periodical service diagnostics is a key catalyst to transform the customer engagement to Managed Services maturity using prime levers such as Process Standardization, Service Level Remodeling, Continual Improvements embedded with committed automation and optimization initiatives.

What is unique from us

Our solution works identically similar for both Application Support and Infrastructure Support. Our true Managed Services relationship leads to Trusted Partner relationship, rather than just being an order taker or another vendor with fixed price contract. Our Managed Services solution is technology or industry agnostic.